ATLANTA - The Women's Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) is proud to announce Scoutware as its official communications partner. At work on over 350 campuses with more than 2,000 programs, Scoutware was the nation's first and is the nation's leading recruiting and communications solution for colleges.

Since integrating Scoutware into its communication process, the WBCA has been able to surpass their communications goals by increasing their outreach capabilities on every level. The advantages of Scoutware have been evident in every step of the association's communication process, especially when promoting and running WBCA's many charitable and educational programs.

A key WBCA event is its annual WBCA Pink Zone, supporting the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. Each year the association reaches out to thousands of people to participate in the Pink Zone and contribute to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. Scoutware has helped WBCA officials carry on Kay's legacy by enhancing fundraising methods, garnering increased donations and increasing overall awareness of the Pink Zone, as well as the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. Through Scoutware, WBCA representatives increase the Pink Zone's reach, presence and success every year, getting them closer and closer to achieving Kay's goal. The WBCA Pink Zone is now the largest fundraising event directly supporting the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

Scoutware allows WBCA officials to make better use of technology, not only to reach more people, but also to make an immediate impact on the right people. Scoutware technology allows the association to build relationships with members, contributors, donors and potential members by helping them learn more about the people they are communicating with. It fosters and encourages a productive and permission-based correspondence.

Scoutware is instrumental in distributing vital information about WBCA events, from fundraisers to educational and training sessions to weekly podcasts. Members are more on the pulse of the latest news and developments than ever and that is in large part because of Scoutware's sophisticated communications system. Because Scoutware is web-based and offers the Scoutware Mobile platform, WBCA representatives can use it anywhere at any time, from any internet-enabled device. Equally important, Scoutware's award-winning art department and consulting services assist the WBCA to brand and market themselves throughout every step of the communication and correspondence process.

"Our coaches are using Scoutware to communicate with their recruits and fans with thoughtful, impactful content and outstanding graphics," said WBCA CEO Beth Bass. "They expect that same high level of communication from the WBCA. Knowing Scoutware was regarded as the best communications solution in collegiate athletics, we knew partnering with them would enable us to, not only meet those expectations, but also surpass them. We were right."

Look forward to a joint future effort by the WBCA and Scoutware to provide a host of services for WBCA members. From education on best relationship management practices and communication methods, to every-day marketing to the association's more than 3,600 member coaches, there are several happenings on the horizon.

"For years, we have been helping hundreds of WBCA member institutions recruit the best student-athletes, in less time, for less money. Women's basketball is one of our best sports and a vital part of the collegiate athletic world. We couldn't be happier about working with the WBCA, the largest association representing this sport. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with this outstanding association," said Scoutware founder and President, Jeff Murphy.

About Scoutware:
Scoutware is the nation's leading recruiting communication solution and relationship management tool for college athletic and admissions departments. Founded in 2001, it is the brainchild of Jeff and Cathy Murphy. Across the NCAA and NAIA, Scoutware is at work in over 2000 programs on more than 350 campuses. The pioneer of web-based recruiting technology in college athletics, Scoutware is comprised of the best support team in athletic and academic recruiting. More than 5,000 coaches and administrators use Scoutware to successfully recruit students, athletes, raise money, sell tickets, foster support in both local and corporate communities, and demonstrate compliance within the guidelines of the NCAA and NAIA. For more information visit www.scoutware.com.

About the WBCA:
Founded in 1981, the WBCA promotes women's basketball by unifying coaches at all levels to develop a reputable identity for the sport and to foster and promote the development of the game in all of its aspects as a sport for women and girls. For more information about the WBCA, please visit www.wbca.org.